Vision brand

At Dai Thien Loc, we never stop learning, access to advanced technology, manufacturing and supplying steel products, high-quality steel with reasonable price in order to bring benefits to consumers. Customer confidence is a measure of brand value Dai Thien Loc

The core values of the brand Dai Thien Loc

Build up the future

Dai Thien Loc desired long-term cooperation with everyone. Dai Thien Loc brand into the future, co-operated with partners to create the future on the basis of mutual benefit everyone (customers / partners, investors / shareholders, management and employees of the company , those that affect the company’s business activities …)

Knowledge technology

At Dai Thien Loc, we never stop learning, access to innovative technologies to improve production, improve product quality; reduce consumption of raw materials and fuels, lower product cost, benefit to customers

Understand the needs

Dai Thien Loc building mechanism in regular contact with customers to grasp the needs of the market, so that the business strategy flexible, adapting in each period

Dai Thien Loc particular emphasis on quality customer service. Our motto is “rich Goods – stable quality – Competitive price – Serving hearted”

The slogan (Slogan)

Build up the Future

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